Simplify Complex Structured Finance Activities and Securely Work From Anywhere

Industry expertise and experience are at the core of the SecureHub solution. From automating lengthy manual processes to optimally interacting with all available data, every feature has been crafted to meet the growing needs of the financial services industry in the evolving digital age.

Optimize portfolio funding, enhance deal execution, and increase operational efficiencies while reducing costs.


Extensive Data and Detailed Analytics For Superior Insights and Control

Designed to house an unlimited number of data points, SecureHub is scalable both horizontally and vertically.

  • Perform detailed analytics to obtain precise asset-level information (both current and historical) 
  • Effectively manage ad-hoc and new regulatory, investor, management and stakeholder information and reporting requests
  • Generate key performance indicators from precise datasets updated in real-time
  • Create customized dashboards with detailed analytics to support your specific needs
  • Generate high-quality graphs and charts for easier review and reporting

Execution Agility to Save You Time

Automated asset selection, pool modelling, eligibility checks, and concentration analysis will reduce your costs while improving accuracy.

SecureHub delivers on the promise of true automation for asset selection and portfolio optimization by employing its own algorithmic engine (Opti-Pool) to intelligently select eligible assets and optimize them for concentration limit program constraint parameters in seconds.

Automated Funding

Loans are selected to funding vehicles based upon customer’s requirements taking into consideration eligibility criteria, portfolio parameters and covenants. Thereafter, funding notices are provided in the format required by lenders.

Automated funding of top-up, drawdown processing and reporting requirements to support each funder across a range of reporting templates, asset schedules, and other key requirements. 

Lower Your Risk With Exacting, Repeatable Administrative Processing

Mitigate risk and lower costs by putting the power of administration processing into your hands through SecureHub’s powerful, formula-based calculation engines

  • Waterfall logic is continuously validated, locked-down, and audited to ensure error-free and repeatable processes
  • Previously defined waterfalls and logic can be copied making it fast and efficient to set up new programs
  • Once locked down, ongoing audits are simplified as SecureHub produces detailed audit reports of subsequent changes and bank reconciliations

Keep Stakeholders Informed on Your Own Terms

Create and maintain multiple reports for each stage of the structured finance lifecycle to enjoy a best-in-class user experience and the flexibility to meet ongoing demands

  • The unique Excel® plug-in tool allows you to create and maintain multiple reports for each stage of the structured finance lifecycle
  • Interactive dashboards use real-time data with a powerful built-in ad-hoc analytics and reporting toolset that help you uncover key insights 
  • Regulatory and rating agency reporting and extracts, for both program aggregates and asset-level disclosures, is made simple for multiple jurisdictions and formats as a part of SecureHub’s embedded functionality

Simplifying Your IT Infrastructure

With the TAO cloud, we manage all aspects of IT infrastructure, including application deployment, maintenance, business continuity and deployment upgrades, all while lowering the total cost of ownership.

  • With TAO Solution’s SOC 2 Type 2 accreditation and embedded security and control procedures, SecureHub supports the most stringent requirements of the financial services industry and regulators 
  • Cloud-hosted instances of SecureHub are located within domestically located-cloud data centres with the highest levels of operational excellence and certifications

Unparalleled functionality to meet the demands of structured finance participants.

Originators and Issuers

Get the next generation treasury management system that streamlines your entire process. 


Simplify your operations with end-to-end automation of multi-seller data ingestion, administration and reporting.


Automate operational workflows and support next-generation analytics, API’s and reporting requirements.


Address oversight requirements and liquidity and repurchase facilities with an automated,
robust, and scalable solution.


Automate the surveillance and administration of private transactions and whole-loan sales for superior investment stability.

Proprietary Software

Utilizing the latest Microsoft technologies from top to bottom, our next-generation software solutions are not only scalable (both horizontally and vertically), but adaptable to suit any customer type. We also provide our own hosting services, removing the need for additional IT infrastructure, support and disaster recovery processes.

  • Modern web service-oriented architecture
  • Built upon the Microsoft .Net 4.8 Framework with WCF, WPF, and Entity Framework technologies
  • Utilizing a light-weight and cloud-deployable Smart Client user interface
  • Robust data-model and transactional engine embedded within Microsoft SQL Server
  • Powerful and extensible cloud-based reporting services
  • Scalable data interfacing capabilities

Technology that Enables Best Practices

Now more than ever, organizations are subject to heightened regulatory, board and key stakeholder oversight. At TAO Solutions, our technology enables best-practices to be introduced, allowing our customers to focus on other value-creating activities.

  1. Streamline business operations
  2. Conform with regulatory and industry requirements
  3. Create real value involving regular business activities
  4. Enhance ROI and other key performance indicators

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