During these unprecedented times, TAO Solutions is pleased to release to the market an important initiative that specifically caters for the current new world dynamics.  MQCC enables the establishment of early warning signals, a dynamic risk rating framework, and dashboards to automatically assess, review and administer the mortgage origination pipeline, providing an additional layer of oversight in respect of a financial institutions mortgage funding activities. By providing greater insights into mortgage approval and settlement trends, treasury can actively manage the pipeline of new business and required funding arrangements.  Users can set their own independent criteria (outside of what is required within the transaction documents), and automate the importation of the required data field’s into TAO Solutions automated treasury platform and administrative services. As a result, specific loans can be auto signalled for downstream processing.  

“Over the coming months, it is clear that many organisations will need to re-evaluate their treasury operations and funding capabilities. Our intention here is to provide our customers with the appropriate tools to manage business operations as smoothly as possible whilst taking into consideration the evolving market dynamics, Equally important is our effective ability to introduce system changes specific to our customers and industry requirements remotely.” says Jim Metaxas, Managing Director. 

TAO Solutions believes MQCC can be utilised by a number of market participants. These include, mortgage warehouse providers, mortgage originators, mortgage multi-seller aggregators, investors in private transactions and regulatory bodies. The module has been configured using excel type safe language for the end user and does not require special programming capabilities. Demonstrations of the application can be provided via the internet.

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