As an extension of TAO Solutions’ (TAO) support services, the LeaseSpark team has proudly launched the Spark Operations Assessment Program (SOAP). LeaseSpark, the essential asset to asset finance, provides a comprehensive set of features that support and strengthen the end-to-end deal lifecycle management for both leases and loans. At its core, LeaseSpark is primed to significantly diminish operational challenges and burdens that many third-party originators and lessors face on a daily basis. However, the initial challenge prior to new software solution adoption, is evaluating where and why current operational hindrances exist. The next logical step is to review how best to tackle these obstacles in the most efficient manner. 

Prior to onboarding any client, we offer them the opportunity to undertake SOAP, intended to instill and empower confidence in the decision making process and ensure that operational aspects of a client’s business are aligned to efficiency and digital transformation.                               

Our team will spend the necessary time with you to review existing operational processes that exist either manually, or are embedded within your current or legacy system. We then couple that with our knowledge of  equipment and asset-finance market best practices, along with our expertise in efficient solution design.

We see any deal management system as a central data hub repository, capable of interfacing with any external or downstream system. SOAP is complimentary and the assessment will cover the following:

  • 60 minute introductory call with our product and delivery specialists to understand and discover:
    • Current systems review and gap analysis, including your desired future-state and wish-list review
    • Existing and future third-party service provider integrations and API requirements
    • End-to-end origination and administration operational review – workflow process assessment
  • 30 minute first follow-up – scorecard assessment and review
  • 30 minute second follow-up – where can a new system solution immediately help?

We recognize that sales demonstrations are simply one piece of the puzzle; let us work with you to  solve how to best tackle  operational stressors and prepare your company for a successful migration project. Prior to new software selection, we are here to equip future clients with the necessary information to guide their decision-making process. A focus on operational efficiencies must be at the forefront of this decision.           

To schedule a complimentary assessment, email us today. Our team would be delighted to understand your business and unique requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!