Lenders and ABCP Conduits

Enables the end-to-end automation of multi-seller data ingestion, administration and reporting, simplifying middle and back-office operations, upstream and downstream processing.


Unparalleled functionality to meet the demands of structured finance participants.

Simplify Operations

Automate Warehouse Facilities and/or Asset-Backed Conduit Programmes business processes

Introduce Best Practices

Purpose built industry-led transaction ingestion, compliance reporting and assessment methods

Optimise the Customers’ Experience

Cater for customers existing and proposed business requirements with dynamic asset ingestion and modelling capabilities

Address Stakeholder Requirements

Flexibility for end-users to address continuous and ad-hoc reporting requirements for internal stakeholders

Hosted Software as a Service

No additional IT infrastructure needed for our hosted software as a service offering, provided to address regulatory requirements

Early Warning System

Data validation, trend analysis and potential breaches that can be automatically generated and distributed

Technology that Enables Best Practices

Now more than ever, organizations are subject to heightened regulatory, board and key stakeholder oversight. At TAO Solutions, our technology enables best-practices to be introduced, allowing our customers to focus on other value-creating activities.

  1. Streamline business operations
  2. Conform with regulatory and industry requirements
  3. Create real value involving regular business activities
  4. Enhance ROI and other key performance indicators

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    About TAO Solutions

    Headquartered in Toronto Canada, trusted by leading global banks and financial institutions of varying sizes, TAO Solutions is a leading provider of software designed to empower the financial services industry with operational agility and robust capabilities.
    For over a decade, TAO Solutions has worked with financial industry leaders globally to drive growth, save costs, and increase efficiency by leveraging cutting-edge technology, deep-rooted industry expertise, and exceptional customer service. Representing a solution provider to 10% of the top global banks with more than $1 trillion in assets administered by our technologies, TAO Solutions is SOC II Type II accredited and a Gold Microsoft Certified Partner.

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