As all of us are all too aware, these are not normal times, and the battle to keep the Covid-19 virus from overwhelming our health services capacity is ongoing and appears likely to continue in some form for a long time yet.  This unprecedented effort is going to require focus, patience and creativity from all of us, and we at TAO Solutions take seriously our role in this mobilization.

In response to this global pandemic, TAO has committed itself to the following priorities:

  1. Keeping our employees, our families and our communities as safe and healthy as possible;
  2. Providing our clients with uninterrupted access to the technological tools and services that they need to get their companies through this challenging crisis; and
  3. Developing functional improvements and additions to our technologies and product offerings to maximize our clients’ ability to utilize the new liquidity and funding programs that have been created to mitigate the economic fallout from the contagion threat.

To that end, we have already done the following:

  • Operationalized our contingency plan that allows all of our employees to work from home without compromise to our productivity;
  • Instituted a regular schedule of internal meetings (including social gatherings!) to ensure that clients continue to benefit from the efficiencies and epiphanies that come from the collaboration of diverse and engaged minds:
  • Maintained regular telephone and video conferences with clients and other external stakeholders to stay abreast of their needs and concerns;
  • Commenced development of enhancements to all of our products that incorporate new funding programs and opportunities offered to our clients in the global markets they operate; and
  • Continued to complete mandates that were already in progress when all of this hit.

And, we don’t intend to stand still during this period.  In the coming days, we will be significantly enhancing our product functionality and services, with a particular focus on our pre-existing strategy of international growth with the support of our offices based in Sydney and San Diego.   To that end we have already begun enacting new initiatives and tools to allow us to continue to bring our products to new clients even within the constraints of the current environment.  We are also working on developing protocols and operating configurations that will allow us to be able to act quickly to take advantage of the liberalization of the current restrictions on people and businesses as and when it is rolled out WITHOUT compromising our commitment to the priorities set out above.

We will keep you updated on what we are up to, and look forward to hearing from all of our clients, prospective clients and stakeholders to get an update on your plans and challenges and how we can help.  Until then, please stay healthy and patient, and we look forward to seeing all of you on the other side of this.

TAO Solutions