FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 14, 2017

Toronto, ON: TAO Solutions, a leading global provider of software and services for structured finance and credit asset administration, announced today that it is experiencing growing usage of its Mortgage Quality Control & Compliance services (“QCC”) among Canadian mortgage market stakeholders. Mortgage QCC services have been offered by TAO Solutions since late 2016 and offer a cost-effective solution for lenders and investors to leverage TAO Solutions broad experience to gain greater insight into the risks present in their Canadian loan portfolios.

“As we have seen in recent weeks and months, the need for comprehensive, independent evaluation of mortgage portfolios is quickly becoming a necessity for any entity that originates, invests in, or securitizes mortgages in Canada,” said Aaron Seaton, Chief Executive Officer, TAO Solutions. “Our Mortgage Quality Control & Compliance service offering is based on our decade of experience interacting with nearly every player in the insured and uninsured mortgage market. We are knowledgeable in the nuances of every aspect of the mortgage lending lifecycle, including underwriting, title registration, custody, aggregator/investor operations, and various funding vehicles such as NHA MBS and covered bonds. With our unique skill-set and experienced staff, we are looking to highlight issues that could threaten a stakeholder’s sense of security in their mortgage loan portfolio, above and beyond credit risks. Because of this, our current and past mandates have provided strong value and a return-on-investment for our clients.”
Coupled with TAO Solutions’ market-leading technologies, its QCC set of services can be tailored to match the requirements of any mandate, differentiating it from other traditional, non-specialist audit providers. Whether it is to test compliance with rules and principles for CMHC securitization, the verification of mortgage documentation and title registration completeness, or even to confirm the quality of underwriting as prescribed under OSFI B-20, clients can be assured of thoroughness and rigour in TAO Solutions’ methodology.
“With mortgage portfolio compliance audit activities becoming the new normal for all stakeholders in Canada, specific contextual experience coupled with cost efficiency, has never been more important. Only TAO Solutions can deliver exceptional bespoke services and technologies at a cost that is conducive to their broader and more frequent use to better mitigate risk and prepare clients to avoid future problems,” added Mr. Seaton.
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