CMHC has recently released the updated NHA MBS Guide and new 2840 CPTA electronic file format for current pool types.

The updates in the guide also contain several changes to other forms, most notably the 2812, 2824 and 2834.

While the 2840 changes are not expected to be in place until April 2014 along side the forthcoming new 976 pool type, changes to other above noted forms are expected from issuers as soon as possible.

TAO Solutions is currently reviewing all the changes to the CPTA electronic file as well as changes to the CMHC forms.

For the 2812, 2824 and 2834 changes, TAO is currently implementing these changes and is scheduled to complete them for all versions of mortgageHUB and PoolMaker/Manager on or before August 30, 2013. Please note that these forms contain critical changes which require regression testing by TAO. In the absence of any forewarning from CMHC of these changes, please be assured that TAO is implementing these changes as quickly as possible. In most cases for mortgageHUB clients, these changes will require the deployment of a simple report server update and minor database modification. For PoolMaker/Manager clients, these changes will a require a core release and the upgrade of your current executables.

The new 976 pool type and the resulting changes to the 2840 requirements for existing pool types involve a different set of liquidation reason codes. In order for reporting to be correct and in line with CMHC requirements, the data received from servicing systems must adhere to the prescribed reasons codes. TAO will be determining the input data requirements over the next several weeks. Clients should expect that additional information will need to be supplied by their servicing systems to mortgageHUB in order to satisfy the new reporting requirement. More details will be shared on a client-by-client basis as warranted.

We cannot provide a definitive timeline for the release of the update to the 2840 and 976 pool type, but we anticipate delivering a solution to our clients by January 2014 to ensure client readiness by April 2014.

Please feel free to contact your designated TAO account manager if you have any questions regarding these issues.