CMHC recently issued Advice No. 6 regarding the optimization of forms in the NHA MBS Program which is required for pools issued on or after 1 July 2019. TAO Solutions has reviewed the changes to the CMHC forms and has completed the development work required to meet CMHC’s timelines. As the new forms may be used starting 1 January 2020, issuers have the option of switching to the new forms at any time up to the deadline.

The updates to MortgageHub for the file format changes will be made in the latest version of MortgageHub and clients will be required to take an updated reports installation package and make some minor configuration changes within MortgageHub.

Please note that clients using MortgageHub’s workflow process will need to make additional changes to their configuration to ensure a smooth transition to the new forms and requirements. Your account manager will be able to discuss the specific options available to you.

The installation package and required configuration changes are available immediately. Please contact your designated TAO account manager to schedule your delivery date or if you have any additional questions.