Now more than ever, disruptive business models are emerging, attracting large amounts of capital to displace incumbent retail lenders across all asset classes and geographies.  Consequently, the necessity to identify opportunities to address workflow automation across a business is seen as a prudent approach in becoming a major player.

However, organisations are frequently confronted with a finite capital expenditure budget and related internal resources to support the various initiatives under consideration, resulting in available funding prioritised towards the key necessities, representing regulatory and revenue generating activities.   

Consequently, the relationship between simplifying and automating regulatory compliance with resulting synergistic benefits relating to workflow automation has gained significant momentum in recent times, representing a material departure from the traditional “band-aid“ approach to a holistic strategic solutioning exercise.

The benefits of an automated securitisation workflow driven solution that addresses the needs of a business are threefold:

  • Regulatory requirements both domestically and internationally have changed considerably in recent times, resulting in review of both data and reporting requirements;
  • The costs associated with maintaining industry best practices from a regulatory and risk governance perspective is now better supported by organisations that can marginalise the work effort by serving multiple audiences; and
  • Reduces constraints surrounding available internal resourcing and budget allocations associated with creating and implementing new projects.

At TAO Solutions, we have developed a highly configurable securitisation, ESG and covered bond software as a service platform that is cutting edge, with a focus on addressing and automating the regulatory and operational issues relating to participants of the securitisation industry.  User groups include: originators / issuers; ABCP conduit administrators and warehouse providers; trustees and third party providers; regulators; and investors.  By utilising a common platform for all participants, TAO Solutions has successfully introduced flexible regulatory reporting, transaction structuring and investor reporting solutions to support multi-jurisdictional and multi-currency requirements, enabling our customers to operate without potential internal constraints.

In summary, addressing the needs of regulatory requirements and concurrently including workflow automation techniques, adds material value to an organization’s business model, enabling industry participants to focus on other key activities to maintain a competitive edge.

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