In Advice No. 10 posted in the “Advice to Approved Issuers” section on CMHC’s website on December 1, 2014, CMHC details changes to NHA MBS Guarantee Fees for all approved issuers taking effect in April 2015. The new fee structure includes increased basis point fee amounts that are segmented by both pool term and issuer size (based on a threshold of total outstanding NHA MBS issuance of $6B or greater).

TAO Solutions is pleased to announce that the existing configurable fee functionality already present in mortgageHUB will handle these changes without modification to the product. Issuers simply need to configure the existing NHA MBS Guarantee Fee matrix within the application prior to beginning issuance activity in the implementation month of April 2015.

Existing users should refer to the mortgageHUB documentation for fee configuration made available within the application, or contact their designated TAO Solutions client representative for more information.