TAO Solutions is pleased to announce an update to the original May 26, 2016 enhancement notification. After further analysis of the finalized advice to issuers surrounding the insurance criteria monitoring, TAO Solutions will provide several new features in the autumn 2016 R2 release. mortgageHUB will encompass the following enhancements:

  • Insurance loan data element additions (application, start, and test dates) – with ability to query on the new fields
  • Purpose Test Reporting – tracking of unsecured portfolio-insured loans, as well as the ability to project the affect on the portfolio for future securitization and portfolio insurance activities
  • Opti-Pool update – both the pool builder matrix and scoring criterion will be modified to take into account the insurance test date, along with additional statistics being provided on potential pool sets

Please feel free to contact your TAO Solutions client representative for further information and a detailed description of the functionality enhancements.