In anticipation of the introduction of the new 976 pool type that CMHC has announced, as well as changes to the 2840 monthly remittance reporting requirement, TAO Solutions has begun modifications to mortgageHUB, its flagship securitization software solution.

As well, adjustments to support the basic requirements are being developed into the Pool Manager legacy product.

CMHC has been collecting feedback from issuers since spring and is slated to release final details of the changes and the new pool in the upcoming months. To that end, TAO Solutions is well positioned to quickly develop the changes within mortgageHUB and Pool Manager and deliver the updated software to its clients.

As Aaron Seaton, co-founder and President of TAO Solutions explains, “Our agility and collective team experience in the industry allows us to offer quick turnaround and allow for appropriate lead time so that our users can comfortably install and test the software in their environments, and be ready to implement the updates in production when CMHC launches the changes to its program.”

We welcome inquiries on these enhancements and encourage interested parties to contact us directly for more information.

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