TAO Solutions is pleased to announce that the functionality to produce Appendix A (Outstanding Loans Pooled in NHA MBS (Stock Data)) has existed in all installations of mortgageHUB since December 2016 and can currently be found under the heading CMHC Loan Level Detail Report in the System Reports section of mortgageHUB. The ingestion of additional data elements for the Loan Originator, Servicer, and Titleholder are supported in core mortgageHUB file uploads. If integration with existing custom loan interface file uploads is desired, please speak with your designated TAO Solutions client representative.
For issuers who are importing all uninsured mortgage loans into mortgageHUB (including HELOCs, renewals, and refinances) and who are looking to produce Appendix B (Issuer’s Uninsured Residential Mortgage Portfolio) reporting from mortgageHUB, a number of questions have been put forth to CMHC regarding specific data requirements and data formats. Once clarifications are received, TAO Solutions will conduct the analysis of the data request and work closely with issuers to satisfy this reporting requirement in the most efficient way possible.