TAO Solutions is pleased to announce mortgageHUB 2019 Release 1. This release, which will be available to clients on a rolling basis beginning April 12, 2019, includes the following major features and enhancements:

  • CMHC Advice No. 5 compliance including new 2824 text file and additional data fields
  • Re-design of all screens to use DevExpress controls for improved performance
  • Third Party Pool Sale EIR enhancement to allow for transfer of remaining unamortized Sale Premium/Discount balances and amortized values attributed to the owner of the pool for Third Party Pools
  • Pool Fees Module enhancement to calculate guarantee fees for new and seasoned pools based on the two-tiered fee schedule, taking into account the cumulative YTD balance of the pools that have incurred guarantee fees

For a detailed description of the features described above, please see the mortgageHUB 2019 R1 release highlights and the user guides made available with the release.

If you require further information about any of the new release content, please reach out to your designated TAO Solutions account manager.