TAO Solutions is pleased to announce the introduction of sophisticated CMB Swap Intermediation capabilities within its industry leading mortgageHUB product. The functionality is specifically designed to handle processing and accounting automation for entities using mortgageHUB when acting as either the swap provider or pool seller.

Some highlights of the new functionality include:

  • Discrete handling of all potential swap flows (both to the CHT and the pool seller) with configuration options to support virtually any swap type
  • Ability to configure multiple participations within the same CMB Series
  • Robust processing for CHT inputs/outputs including Offer to Sell, Transfer Advices, and Input Forms
  • Configurable accounting to handle all aspects of swap flows, revenues and expenses
  • Utilizes and builds upon mortgageHUB’s existing Effective Interest Method amortization model for various deferred swap amounts
  • Enables custom selection of reinvestment assets by swap counterparty or pool seller, and discretely tracks cash movements for each entity
  • Tight integration into mortgageHUB’s cash settlement module allowing for flows to be netted and paid/received as appropriate

This functionality will be available as a core feature in the forthcoming mortgageHUB 2015 R4 release scheduled for December 2015. All current clients are entitled to this upgrade as a part of their active support and maintenance agreement. Clients interested in implementing this functionality should contact their designated TAO Solutions representative.