The trend toward ESG in debt capital markets is clear in the wake of both natural and man-made disasters having catastrophic effects on our planet.  More than ever, the financial services industry needs to remain vigilant and continue its path towards providing green transactions to support the evolution and demand of ESG lending.  With this backdrop, TAO Solutions is committed to provide its support to this important initiative.  

At TAO Solutions, we understand that financial services providers, as well as corporate and government entities, may not have the technological capabilities, internal resources and knowledge-base to successfully source assets and structure ESG compliant transactions. By utilising our cloud enabled, cutting edge technologies and subject matter expertise, TAO Solutions can link to your existing treasury and administration systems and enable the appropriate sourcing, structuring and administration of green transactions for any issuer.  To help promote the ESG initiative in debt capital and structured finance markets during 2020, TAO Solutions globally will consider any new ESG transaction managed within its software at no additional cost and it will not be included as part of a customer’s licencing parameters.

TAO Solutions application suite and dynamic interface features is very accommodative to integrate with any legacy treasury or asset administration system. Our cost effective, disruptive software enables both the issuance of vanilla as well as structured transactions to suit the environmental, social, and governance marketplace, providing full automation of both upstream and downstream business processes” says Jim Metaxas, Managing Director of TAO Solutions.  

About TAO Solutions

Trusted by leading global banks and financial institutions of all sizes, TAO Solutions is a leading provider of software designed to empower the financial services industry with operational agility and robust capabilities.  For over a decade, TAO Solutions has worked with financial industry leaders globally to drive growth, save costs, and increase efficiency by leveraging cutting-edge technology, deep-rooted industry expertise, and exceptional customer service. Representing a solution provider to 10% of the top global banks with more that $1 trillion in assets administered by our technologies, TAO Solutions is SOC II Type II accredited and a Gold Microsoft Certified Partner.  For more information, please contact:

Ryan Pereira, President
Jim Metaxas, Managing Director