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Funding & Portfolio Management

Automated solutions for the global structured finance industry

Why TAO Solutions


TAO Solutions is the leading Canadian vendor of dynamic structured finance software solutions (mortgageHUB® and secureHUB®) designed to assist banks and financial institutions with the intractable challenges of interfacing asset portfolios to capital markets funding.

Expertise & Innovation

Driven by a dedicated senior management team experienced in the capital markets, technology and securitization industries, TAO Solutions is at the cutting-edge of developments within structured finance, asset funding and information technology.


Member of Tao Group of Companies providing comprehensive capabilities and services covering the structured finance industry. TAO Solutions technologies are proven in production servicing more than $200 billion in assets.

What we offer

TAO Solutions draws upon its deep and extensive experience in capital markets and financial services technology to help your organization achieve its strategic goals and obtain a competitive advantage by offering:

  • Superior Technology and Functionality – solutions are newly architected, built upon the latest standards and use the best industry methodologies for implementation.
  • Operational Efficiencies - unique products that add operational efficiencies and rigor to complex and burdensome processing requirements.
  • Agility by Design - solutions that have been purposefully designed to remain agile through their common flexible and adaptive framework.
  • Professional Services - project management and implementation expertise to facilitate successful projects.
  • Committed Partner - proactive delivery and support model that keeps ahead of industry developments.

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