About TAO Solutions

TAO Solutions is a proud member of the TAO Group of Companies. Its sister companies are some of the largest and most experienced structured finance asset management and administration firms in Canada.

With a dedicated senior management team experienced in the capital markets IT and real estate securitization industries, we are at the leading edge of developments within structured finance, funding and technology. As well, our clients benefit from our ability to draw upon the deep skill-sets embedded within the team of subject-matter-experts at each of our member organizations.

Our unparalleled level of access to industry thought-leaders translates directly into ground-breaking technology and consulting solutions that help keep our clients competitive and innovative.

Our independence and size allow us to be nimble and agile, while having a flexible team that can be right-sized to meet the demands of any client engagement. Our financial strength ensures long-term relationships and our commitment to our clients growth and success.

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